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New Opportunities

As part of the process of ensuring that we have the resources necessary to deliver 1,140 hours of early learning and childcare to potentially all North Lanarkshire 3-5yr olds and eligible 2yr olds we have revised our staffing structure and many of our private funded providers have made changes too. With the focus firmly on expansion, the changes are great news for people who work in the field. There will be more hours, and a range of flexible options.

Early Learning and Childcare Staff

Within the council the expansion programme has allowed us to create a new dynamic career pathway which will support staff through nationally accredited training as well as offering opportunities to progress.

Private nurseries and childminders will provide a similar environment for their children so whilst they may structure their setting in a different way, the opportunities for staff to extend their skill sets will be very similar.

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Job Seekers

Within the council we are in the process of implementing a new structure. It will be some months before this has been completely finalised but it will be good news for people who wish to pursue a career in childcare because the path for career progression will be so much clearer.

With our focus firmly on expansion, there will be more hours, a range of flexible options, more security and greater and better training opportunities. And many of these changes will apply to private nurseries too.

Council job opportunities will be advertised in the usual ways but we will promote any opportunities that are advertised externally on this site too. Look out for our invitation to ‘apply now’.

Latest News

We are making rapid progress in a range of areas at the moment, from capital projects to rolling out our ‘loving lunches’ programme. We’ll keep you posted with our latest news via our newsletter Expansion News. We also have a twitter feed if you’re interested in joining our conversations.

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