Carer and Child building with hammer and nails

Early Learning & Childcare in Action

What ELC means to us

The expansion journey has been an exciting one despite all the set backs caused by the coronavirus. Changes in how we work are now in place across North Lanarkshire and we will continue to shout loudly about how important our focus on continuous improvement in early learning and childcare is for our practitioners, parents and most importantly our children. But really no-one can say it better than the people themselves. Take a peek and judge for yourselves.

Boy pouring mud out of bucket

Fun in the mud

Most of us probably have great memories of making potions and perfumes with flower petals and mud? There’s nothing more freeing than learning that it’s okay to get dirty – as long as you remember to clean up again afterwards. And there’s certainly no fear of mud in our settings!


Creepy crawlies? Not at all – nothing creepy about a few bugs say our children. Though we do work hard to teach the children that the non-creepy crawlies like to stay where they belong so you shouldn’t find them asking for their very own pet slug or spider!

Children looking at bugs in a bucket
Girl drinking out of green cup

Time for a Wee Snack

Snacks have always been important but they’ve become even more so with the longer hours. And practitioners are keen to help the children to be as involved as possible in preparations. Our ‘loving lunches’ programme is going really well with free lunches now being provided to all 3-5 year olds attending nursery.

Perfect Poise

Part of our ‘free play’ approach is about encouraging children to get a sense of their physical limits and to push them in a safe environment. Balancing and climbing is a big part of this. We want our children to feel comfortable to explore what they can do in a non-competitive environment to help build confidence.

Girl balancing on a plank of wood
Girl sitting in an old tyre

Butter Wouldn't Melt

Just because!

Team Work

You’re never too young to learn the art of negotiation, compromise and working with others to achieve a common goal. And it’s even better when the children work it out all by themselves.

Children pushing ELC staff member in a shopping trolley
Boy hammering in stake with a mallet

Getting The Job Done

Whether it’s making snacks, gardening, building dens, or learning how to use tools, learning to try new things and contribute towards getting things done is really important. Don’t be surprised if your child offers to help with the cleaning – and if they don’t you can always ask.